Collection: Rosé

Beautifully delicate and ranging from a slight blush or orange hue to a vibrant pink, rosé wine can be made from an array of different red grapes.

Unlike Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir, Rosé is not a grape variety. Rosé is made in a similar way to white wine but made from red grapes. A very short period of skin contact extracts colour and gives Rosé its recognisable pink colouring and a much-loved lighter, crisper flavour.

At Esk Valley our Rosé is made from merlot grapes gown in cooler inland sites of Hawke's Bay region. This dry style Rosé is widely regarded as New Zealand’s premium Rosé, having won many awards over the years since its first vintage in 1991. It is excellent with most foods or as an apéritjif.